Starting in April in Berlin – Wednesdays evening at 20:00 in the Greifswalder Strasse, 208.  

Biodanza works with the human potentials and stimulates the development of the own resources. There are five main dimensions that are worked within Biodanza:  Vitality, Creativity, Affectivity, Sexuality (as the ability to have pleasure) and Transcendence (the connection with everything).

“Biodanza is a method of integration”

The pedagogical and therapeutic success of Biodanza is given by its effects on the organism as a whole and by its existential rehabilitation action of seven components. Each one has a transformer effect and if linked each other, following a scientific theoretical model, they constitute eco-factors with extraordinary effects, able to influence on genetic programming lines.

 The music is selected to stimulate the eco-factors linked to the five lines of vivencia. We call “organic music” that one which presents biological attributes according to music semanthics: fluidity, harmony, rhythm, tone, sense unit and coenaesthetic effects.

Integrating dance
Biodanza has about 250 exercises and dances which purpose is to activate human movements in an harmonic and integrative way; dissociative movements in Biodanza don’t exist. We have several integration motor and sensory exercises and affective motor ones, and many of coenaesthetic sensibility
Vivencial methodology
The vivencial methodology allows the integration process. Biodanza is an integration system of human potential. Integration means coordination of activities of different subsystems to join the harmonious functioning of a larger system. 
The connection between people is essential in each act of rehabilitation. There are scientific basis about therapy contact. We can mention S.F. Harlow; René Spitz; Rof Carballo, Lopez Ibor; Bowlby;
The trance effects are a biological renovation because in this specific condition the original biological characteristics are reissued (intense metabolism).
Consciousness Expansion
The entheogenic experience is the “awakaning of the divine in man” and has two main aspects: Ecstase as connection with the external world and with people; and Intase as connection with oneself

The Group
The “group” in Biodanza is a rebirth matrix which integrates itself at an affective level, it constitutes a very intense interaction field. Biodanza is neither a solipsist system nor a verbal communication one.
  • Weekly Groups
  • Biodanza4men
  • Biodanza Workshops
  • Organisations
  • Biodanza for Bisexuals

A three years journey

In a weekly group, you have the possibility to dance, and discover your potentials. It is an invitation for you to start a process.

Biodanza is for everybody. You don’t need to know how to dance. On your own pace, without being right or wrong. Just enjoying and discovering you and the others!

We Invite you to come and get to a next level. The music and the dances invite you to a travel within 90 minutes around a subject. Before, we share some ideas and exchange experiences.

GROUP STARTING ON WEDNESDAY in Berlin – Greifswalder Straße, 208 from April 2017 on – Pre-registrations via oliveira.evandro(at)

After a first experience, we recommend you to do a trial of a minimum of 3 months. After you decide, you will have a small talk with the facilitator and start this incredible journey.

More information: evandro.oliveira(at)

Get into your full masculinity

The invitation is for you, as man, to get connected with your masculinity and to discover your potentials and do your own identity negotiation. By knowing who you are as a person, as a men – a “persona”, but also as a member of the society – you will be able not only to frame your life but also to have an easier interaction with the others.  More about the groups – here

This is an invitation for you to connect with your own heart and feelings that sometimes are not allowed to be shown and also to give permission to yourself to enjoy and feel your power, your determination. Or to recover it. Is an opportunity for you to rediscover your Passion and Drive. That you are able to fulfill yourself and within your life spheres: Family, Friends, Love life and work. More about the approach – here

The tree of deep masculinity considers the definitions of masculinity from Biology, Psychology and Sociology, and from there, we propose a work based on Erikson’s theory of psycho-social development around the thematization and experience of 10 dimensions of masculinity: Icarus & Deadalus; Gatherer-Hunter; Green Man, Sexual Man, Cosmic and Animal Body, Fatherly Heart, Warrior, Father Sky, Blue Man and the Grandfather Heart. Besides, we also check and consider the eight states of psychosocial development from Erikson.

More about Biodanza4men in

Deepens your experience

A weekend workshop is a possibility for you to deepen you experience with Biodanza. From Friday to Sunday, you will have the possibility to dance five „Vivencias“ of 90 minutes and exchange experiences. Besides, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the group.

Workshops in 2018:

The four virtues: Prudence, Justice, Temperance and Courage


The three of deep masculinity: 10 metaphors for awaking your full masculinity

OXUMARÉ: A Brasilian mythological adventure with the god of the rainbow

Cooperating, motivated and achieving teams

Biodanza methodology was adapted to be used into organizations. This work was done by Carlos Garcia in Argentina for south american companies and during 10 years by the Austrian Hubertus Scheidlberger for european organizations.

There are three main forms:

Regular after work group: for organizations on a weekly or twice per month frequency, this can be a possibility of development and first contact with Biodanza.

Move it up! Cognitive and Movement workshop: Based on a subject, this half day or day workshop will get your team ready for overcome the challenge that is burning at the moment.

Move it up! Team development:  This is a scheduled training develop for specific team development needs within a coaching or supervision process.

Move it up! Events:  Starting an organizational event or a kick-off for a new strategy can be another experience with a deep rooting and bounding. This Move it up! format can be prepared from 20 up to 1000 people at the same time.

More infos here

Boost your permission

Biodanza is a method that respects and integrates the variety of human expression. Therefore, the weekly groups are on itself a melting pot of people.

Despite that, we would like to offer the possibility for people that consider themselves as Bisexual or are open to try. They can have one special day per month, where the dances will be an invitation for experiencing from that perspective.

Despite in all Biodanza Classes there is the rule of feedback, meaning that the dance should be a moment of respect for yourself and the others on sensing and feeling what is good for both, in this class we will add the assumption that everybody is open for open contact with men and women equally and therefore, boost the permission on that factor to kind of open the possibility of vivencia.

The Biodanza for Bisexuals is not only about the line of sexuality. It is another proposal besides your regular group.

MONTHLY GROUP in the 3th Thursdays of the month starting in Fall 2017 in Berlin

About Biodanza

Biodanza is an “human integration system of organic renewal, of affective re-education, and of relearning of Life’s original functions. Its application consists in leading vivencias through music, singing, movements and group encounter situations”(Toro, 2008).

Biodanza was created in the 1960s by the Chilean anthropologist and psychologist Rolando Toro. The Biodanza system is now found in 54 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, South Africa United States and Russia.

Biodanza is (neologism from the Greek bio (life) and the Spanish/Italian danza (dance), literally the dance of life) is a system of self-development that uses music, movement and positive feelings to deepen self-awareness.

Biodanza works with the human potentials and stimulates the development of the own resources. There are five main dimensions that are worked within Biodanza:  Vitality, Creativity, Affectivity, Sexuality (as the ability to have pleasure) and Transcendence (the connection with everything).

 “Biodanza is a poetics of human meeting”

10 Jul

Hegemonic and natural Masculinity in post-modern time and Biodanza

At the European Congress from Biodanza in the Netherlands, that counted with around 1000 participants, Evandro Oliveira introduced a model to work within Biodanza for men in a session with some participants, most of them experienced Biodanza Facilitators with some background on working with Men.


Some of the issues touched during this lecture were: What is masculinity?; Modern Masculinities; The consequences of modernity; Dimensions of Masculinity: towards a model; Biodanza for Men.


The presented model is designed to be implemented towards the following aims on the participants: a) auto-organization b) challenge the Immune system, specially CD4+T; c) dissolution of cognitive dissonances schemata and accomplishing of psychosocial moratorium; d) potentials; e)Integration; f) assertive bonding.

Besides, there were also sharing of experiences, as well as the launch of the Biodanza Worldwide Men Network.  More about the BMN here.

After, there was a vivencia (dance session of about 90 minutes) by Merijn Oudheusden, Yves Gendron and Silvan Schalke – „A circle of Men“ – that was a nice way of experiencing Biodanza for Men.